Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another song from the Kollywood movie 'Chellamae' with the exotic sceneries of Andamans!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Folks, another song with "Andamans" the ultimate star! Can anyone tell which are the Andaman locations shot in this superhit song "Uyirin Uyire..." from the tamil movie "Kaakka Kaakka" ?
Andamans. Making a perfect background for this romantic song in "Iyarkai", a 2003 Tamil Movie. Observe the picturesque backdrop comprising Phongy Balu, with Adam Point Island (Near Rutland) visibile. Arresting song, shot in a more Awesome Location!
Exploring movies/songs/scenes where Andamans played the "real hero".. Folks, you too can share such info/vidoes on this! Starting with "September Maadham..." from Mani Ratnam's Alaipayuthe.. Shot in Wandoor Beach... Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Packing Time, Folks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Good Morning. The Thrill-trail of 15 fabulous days in the Andamans has come to completion. We have had an exciting time in the Emerald Islands and we thank Project Awesome Andamans (www.awesomeandamans.com) that inspired us to be part of the same and the Andaman Holidays Team (www.andamanholidays.com) without whom this photo-trail would not have been possible. Their 24x7 availability in terms of co-ordinating with us and facilitating every aspect of our trail was simply excellent and true as per their slogan, we "enjoyed every wave!". Their immense assistance in uploading photos / videos has helped us reach out to then strangers and now friends like Ananya, Dibyendu, Krishnanu, Koustav and so many other precious people who have been kind enough to share their andaman experiences and be so encouraging. We leave Andamans with the hope that this will be taken forward by travel-lovers like us who will keep joining the Awesome Andamans community and keep sharing their experiences and thus keep uplifting tourism in this wonderful destination. We're sure we'd be referring this community to lots of our friends who love travel and we request the same at one and all who read this. We wish Project Awesome Andamans and Andaman Holidays all the very best. Best Regards, Rajesh Lenin (script) | Anandan (1st camera) | Mugunthan Selvaraj (2nd camera) | Ravindran (Co-ordination).

Friday, February 11, 2011

Reached the Chatham Jetty, in Port Blair, via the vehicle ferry we took from Bamboo Flat. Hmmm, 5 days more of exploration waiting in the southern part of the Andamans!

At Mt. Harriet. It offers an excellent view of the North Bay and the sea beyond. It’s the highest point in the South Andamans (365 Mtrs.) and the second highest in the whole of Andamans. Strategically, we now understand why the British had their troops posted here – the vantage view would have been a big advantage!

At the Twenty Rupees point. It’s the view from here that’s printed on the reverse of our twenty rupees note. But folks, the view is much more precious than just twenty rupees!

Through with the aborigin reserves and have reached Jirkatang, some 50 kms from Port Blair. We now will lunch at Ferrarkunj and turn towards Mt. Harriet, via Bamboo flat.

At Middle Strait. It’s from here we need to travel thru the main Reserve (a 50 km stretch) of the aborigins. Vehicles are allowed only in convoys and at specific timings. We’ve missed the convoy by just five minutes.We now need to wait till 12 noon, when the next convoy would leave.

Leaving Baratang. On the Ferry that’s carrying us from Baratang to Middle Strait Jetty. Transportation thru the Andamans depends entirely on ferry timings and convoy timings!

The Stalagtites and Stalagmites are a natural treasure. Its amusing to listen to the local guide who shows us “jelly fish”, “ganesha” , “lotus” on the limestones formations.

Started early and reached the Limestones Caves at Nayadera, Baratang. Right from the sailing, it has been an exciting experience.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Again at Kalipur Beach, Diglipur during sunset. Low-tide:-(. A foreign lady is seen to be meditating, chanting the "ohm" pranav mantra.

Ramnagar Beach.A very solitary beach, with melancholy-filled waves.

The Diglipur Market. Diglipur is famous for its lush vegetables & fresh fruits!

Lunch at a Tamil hotel in the Diglipur Bazaar. Wow, the food tastes homely and heavenly after days of rotis, mixed veg curries and fish tikkas!

Saddle Peak, as viewed from the Diglipur Town centre. The peak is the highest point in the andaman islands measuring 732 mtrs, offering excellent trekking experience. Wish we had more time.. hmm..

At Ross and Smith Islands. Beauty blends with peace here. Pristine and azure waters, again!

On the way to Ross-Smith Islands, the phenomenal ones that are connected by a sand bar visible only during low-tide.

This is the resort where we stay, close to the Kalipur Beach, some 20 plus kms off Diglipur.

Reached Diglipur late night yesterday. the town is the headquarters of North Andaman, famous for its turtle nesting beaches!