Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make your Andamans trip more thrilling with India’s first Sea plane service!

The Sea Plane service definitely thrills visitors of Andamans. Everyone can enjoy a sail along with a fly. These innovations are helpful in the places like Andamans to improve connectivity, as they are surrounded by water. No runway is required for Sea planes as they take off and land on water.  It is the first service of its kind in India. An official statement said that the Civil Aviation Minister Mr.Praful Patel is going to launch this service on 3rd Jan 2011. So it’s time to celebrate.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bird lovers, have a field day with the 39 unique bird species in the Andamans!

 The Andamans are home to about 242 birds of which 39 are unique to the islands. The Ornithologists describe them as endemic birds that have evolved into distinctive species. The Andaman Islands have unique species of birds such as White-headed mynas, Woodpeckers with a white-barred black mantle and red crown, the fulvous-breasted woodpecker, olive-backed sunbird, Andaman swallow, Megapode, Nicobar pigeon and White-Rumped Shama which is known for its best singing. These attractions together helped Andamans to become a birdwatcher's paradise.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Share everything about your Andamans tour!

Share your exotic, thrilling, interesting and unforgettable experiences with which you returned from the Awesome Andamans. You can’t forget the thrilling Scuba Dives, beautiful beaches, greener forests,bluish waters and unseen wild life. Share your travel experiences, photos, videos, anecdotes, adventures & more that made you interested in your Andamans trip.

Monday, December 27, 2010

What makes Andamans Awesome? Please post your answers.... as comments.

The Exotic Beaches or the Extensive Forests!  The Creative God or the Sensitive Nature!  The beautiful Birds or the Awesome Aqua life! The colorful Corals or the bluish waters! The lively thrills or the lovely islands! What/ who make Andamans awesome. Please share your opinions here and of course, the creative replies will win surprizes.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Andaman Islands were called as `Pulan Hantuman' or the `Land of Hanuman'!

In the olden days, Andaman Islands were called as `Pulan Hantuman' or the `Land of Hanuman' by the Malays and this name slowly metamorphosed into “Andaman”. Tamil literatures on Palm leaves mention Andamans as Theemai-t-theevugal (Islands of Harm or Evil).The Chinese history mention these Islands as "The Land of Demons (Ogres)". The Andamans are then called so because the Andamanese were afraid of outsiders, so they invariably killed whoever landed on their coasts. Nicobar came from the Tamil term "Nakkavaram", meaning the land of the naked.  But, folks, all these are things of the past and now Andamans is cool, breezy and beckoning you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Marco Polo was the first official visitor to the beautiful Andamans, now it is your turn!

Marco Polo was a Christian Merchant from Venice. He was the one who introduced China and Central Asia to Europe. Columbus and many others were stimulated by Marco Polo which led to great discoveries later. Records say that Marco Polo was the first visitor to the Beautiful Andamans where he found Rich Spices and Man eaters. The then untouched group of Islands now has become a Hot Tourist Spot filled with lots of exotic Beaches, electrifying locations and adventurous water sports which make your trip a sweet celebration. Now it’s your turn. Try it and sense it...