Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hunger Strikes of Political Prisoners of Cellular Jail

May is not only remembered for the first organized attack of aborigines on the Aberdeen convict station but also known for one of the organized hunger strikes of Political Prisoners of Cellular Jail of 1933 which took the lives of 3 i.e.Mahavir Singh(17 May),Man Krishna Namadas (26 May)& Mohit Moitra(28 May) during 
force feeding process.Today is the 79th death anniversary of Man Krishna.Let's salute all of them.....

One more horrendous, dark fact from the long, forlorn corridors of the then "Kalapani" aka Cellular Jail... Awesome Andamans submits its respects to the martyrs...

Courtesy: Ms. Rashida Iqbal | Mr. Rathnam

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