Monday, June 14, 2010

How to reach..

The capital is well connected to mainland India. Kolkata in the East of India and Chennai in the south of India serve as primary gateways.

You can either fly or sail down to Port Blair from these cities, leaving your hurried life amidst these ever-bustling cities. For the ones who want to fly down to here, the options are aplenty: domestic airlines shuttle between Chennai or Kolkata & Port Blair. A normal flight from here takes 2 hrs & odd to fasten your seat belts and land into Port Blair.

But, if you are one of those exclusive few wanting to fly on a Private Jet into Port Blair, that too is possible. The best way is to touch down at Bangkok or Singapore and scurry into a Private Jet.

Sailing to Port Blair is facilitated through ships, from three of the major ports that dominate India’s east coastline – Chennai, Kolkata & Vishakapatnam. The normal sailing time is 60 hours. However, the ideal way is to fly down.

For the elitest of the elite, yachting into the Andamans is a cozy way to tour the islands. Of course, entry formalities like getting the Indian visa are to be considered & taken care of.

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