Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Limestone Cave in Andamans

In Baratang Island, particularly at Nayadera near Wrafters Creef, there is a huge deposit of Limestone, where some deposits are in the form of caves and the rest of it are in the form of layers or beds one upon the other.
There are more than 300 big and small deposits of limestone, out of which only one in the form of a cave is opened for the tourists. In the cave, massive limestone formations are dangled from the ceiling, glowed from the sides and sprouted from the ground.
The cave is a sight to behold- massive limestone formations dangled from the ceiling like chandeliers, glowed from the sides and sprouted from the ground like short pilasters. One hung like a thick pillar from the ceiling of the cave. The serrated edges of the limestone blocks shine in the dark. There is a narrow walkway of the cave inside and constant dripping of water from the ceiling.

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