Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The wild life in Andamans is Awesome!

Andamans is blessed with a wildlife which is unique by itself. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park situated in Wandoor near Port Blair is richly habitated by Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Civet, Fruit Bat, Krait, Cobra, King Cobra, Vine Snake and Python,Serpent Eagle, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Local Teal, Whistling Teal, Pigeon, Dove, Tern, Kingfisher, Wader, Swift, Reef Heron and Parakeet. For the adventurous ones, activities available are Boating, Diving, Snorkeling & Camping. And in Havelock Island, there is this "Elephant Beach" blessed with corals and shallow waters, that make it ideal for learning snorkeling and scuba diving. Barren island, an active volcano has only goats and rats. Generally, the island possesses reptiles and rodents; The other colorful addition to the wildlife here is the notorious Nicobari monkey. In general, the Andamans are a home to some exclusive flora and fauna hidden in the "very-difficult-to-penetrate" vegetation of these islands or in the lagoons surrounding them. The isles are also a must-see for all enthusiastic bird watchers. Nicobari Pigeon, is one of the main attractions.

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